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Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

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Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 5.0 software combines power and simplicity so you can do more with your photos. Instantly fix flaws or adjust color and lighting with new advanced controls. Quickly drop your photos into customizable layouts and show off your creativity with dynamic web photo galleries created using Flash® technology. And view all your photos and video clips in one convenient place.

*** Make your photos look their best
Instantly fix common flaws:
- Make quick fixes. Perform a full range of common photo adjustments — including color, contrast, and lighting — in the convenient Quick Fix mode.
- Get realistic skin tones. Easily adjust skin tones for a more natural look, even in poorly lit photos.
- Say goodbye to red eye. Photoshop Elements eliminates red eye automatically as you download photos from your camera. Or you can remove red eye from individual shots without even clicking on the photo.
- Correct lens distortion. Easily correct camera lens distortion at photo edges and keystone effects that exaggerate perspective.
- Sharpen blurred edges. Get crisper-looking photos — even remove blurring caused by low lighting conditions.
- Preserve image quality. Shrink photos and then scale them back to original size while still maintaining complete image quality.
- Compare changes in before and after views. Instantly see the effects of adjustments you make with before and after views in Quick Fix mode.
- Correct color effortlessly. Compare a range of color variations side by side with your original photo, and select the best choice with a single click.
- Rotate and crop. Turn photos right side up and crop out unwanted areas quickly and accurately.

Perform advanced editing :
- Fine-tune exposure. Get the perfect exposure with the new color curves adjustment that makes it even easier to fine-tune color, brightness, and contrast.
- Quickly retouch specific areas. Easily select by brushing over any element of your photo to make a range of adjustments to a specific area or object.
- Brush away flaws. Easily brush away wrinkles and unwanted objects using the Spot Healing Brush for instant results and the Healing Brush for finer control.
- Control color temperature and tint. Get the best overall color possible with easy slider controls for color temperature and tint.
- Easily adjust shadows and highlights. Rescue poorly lit photos by lightening shadows and reducing the glare of highlights.
- Adjust specific areas. Adjust the exposure of specific areas in your photos using professional darkroom tools like dodge, burn, and sponge.
- Benefit from 16-bit support. Get truer, higher quality results with support for 16-bit color.
- Enjoy enhanced support for working with raw files. Get the highest quality results by editing the raw image files from your digital camera. Photoshop Elements now supports an even greater selection of digital camera models.
- Convert raw files to Digital Negative. Enjoy a lifetime of access to your raw files by converting them to universal DNG format, which means you’ll be able to open and use your highest quality photo files without worrying about proprietary camera formats.
- Learn advanced techniques. Spark your imagination and master advanced techniques by following the steps in How-To guides.
- Be creative in less time. Start editing sooner with a quick-launching Editor mode.
- See the full color range. Adjust the color range of any photo and see real-time changes in the Histogram palette.

Artistically enhance photos :
- Create dramatic black-and-whites. Convert your color originals to rich, elegant black-and-whites by choosing from a variety of options.
- Give photos extra dimension. Add depth with drop shadows, bevels, glows, and other effects, which are automatically applied to any element placed on a layer.
- Convert to sepia. Give your photos a classic look by instantly converting them to sepia tone.
- Instantly apply multiple effects. Stylize your photos with hundreds of cool special effects. Easily mix multiple effects, change their order, and preview them in the Filter Gallery.
- Apply colored filters. Create real-world photographic effects by applying tint filters that simulate colored filters on a camera.
- Simulate painting. Transform your photos with realistic paintbrush effects to simulate oils, watercolors, charcoals, pastels, and different canvas textures.
- Add surreal effects. Have fun liquifying your photos by easily twisting, warping, stretching, and pulling different areas.

Create composites :
- Combine photos with control. Place a friend on a mountaintop, add ancestors to a family portrait, and create other fun combinations using flexible layers.
- Easily isolate objects from backgrounds. Quickly separate an object from its background — even in complex, textured areas — and instantly remove rough edges.
- Erase backgrounds. Magically remove backgrounds, leaving foregrounds untouched.
- Easily assemble panoramas. Create seamless horizontal or vertical panoramas by automatically stitching together multiple photos with Adobe Photomerge®: technology.
- Try anything. Experiment without worry, knowing you can instantly undo or redo multiple steps in one click.

Add text and graphics :
- Tell your story in stylized text. Type titles and labels right onto your photos and edit them at any time. Easily choose typefaces from the enhanced font menu.
- Instantly add shapes. Decorate your photos with geometric shapes, symbols, stamps, and thought bubbles from the built-in library, or draw your own.
- Add decorative edges. Crop your photos into fun shapes with a single click of the Cookie Cutter, or frame them with hundreds of decorative edge designs.

From the creators of Adobe Photoshop :
- Use industry-leading technology. Create top-quality images with software based on industry-leading Adobe Photoshop software. Professionals have relied on it for more than a decade.
- Process batches of photos at once. Save hours of effort by automatically processing batches of photos. Remove red eye, rename, resize, convert formats, adjust levels, add text, and more.
- Make the most of Windows® XP. Take advantage of the full power and speed of your Windows XP system.

*** Show photos in creative, entertaining ways
Get started quickly with flexible layout options :
- Express your ideas with themed layouts. Find inspiration in professionally designed, color-coordinated layouts that make it easy to create a finished piece in minutes.
- Create with drag-and-drop simplicity. Drop photos into flexible layouts, drag to resize images, and move photos anywhere on the page with complete ease.
- Create exactly the look you envision. Customize any element of your layout, adjusting colors, adding graphical elements, and adding text or effects such as drop shadows and glows.
- Find the perfect frame. Set off your photos with more than 100 included frames, from traditional to elegant to avant-garde.
- Enjoy more creation options. Make an even wider variety of photo creations with new CD and DVD covers, more scrapbook page layouts, and photo book layouts for professionally bound books you can order online.
- Create and save multipage documents. Find, open, and edit your albums and scrapbooks more easily than ever. The contents of each book are now saved all together in one complete document.

Share your photos in exciting new ways :
- Animate your photos. Go beyond traditional slide shows by sharing photos in your choice of animated galleries created using Flash® technology, including a spinning carousel and a book with pages that turn.
- Display your best photos in a dynamic gallery. Take advantage of Flash technology to share your photos in a dynamic web gallery.
- Create fun Flipbooks. Easily turn a series of still photos into an eye-catching Flipbook. For example, take a sequence of action shots using the burst mode on your digital camera, and then let Photoshop Elements string them together to create a sense of motion.

Entertain friends with a custom slide show :
- Easily tell a story. In just a few clicks, create an entertaining slide show, complete with captions.
- Dazzle your audience with special effects. Captivate family and friends with documentary-style pan and zoom effects, amazing transitions, and clip art decorations.
- Set the mood with sound. Personalize your slide show by adding narration and multiple tracks of your favorite music — now with easier controls.

Conveniently share photos and photo creations and order prints online :
- Share with family and friends using built-in photo services. Take advantage of built-in photo services that let you upload photos and photo creations to the web, order prints, and more from within Photoshop Elements.
- Share your animated photo creations on the web. Easily upload your creations and Flash based photo galleries to the web from directly within Photoshop Elements.
- Map your memories. Relive memories by viewing and sharing your photos displayed on an interactive map in the exact locations where they were taken (works with United States addresses only). Even upload your map to the web for easy sharing.
- Order photo postage stamps. Make your special mail unforgettable by turning your favorite photos into real, customized U.S. postage stamps! They’re perfect for baby announcements, wedding invitations, and more.
- Order prints online with one click. Turn your digital pictures into professional-quality Kodak prints with one-click printing, or create a memorable hardbound photo book. Both are delivered directly to your door.

Show virtually everywhere :
- View photos on your TV. Take advantage of compatibility with Intel® Viiv™ technology to show photos and slide shows on your TV (requires a Media Center PC).
- Share photos on mobile phones and handheld devices. Easily download and edit photos from your mobile phone, and then send them to friends.
- Send personalized photo e-mails. Send photos within a themed e-mail with captions and backgrounds that help you better tell your story. Photoshop Elements automatically optimizes your photos so they download quickly, look great, and won’t overload your friends’ mailboxes.
- Animate photos for the web. Liven up your website by turning photos into GIF animations that you can preview within Photoshop Elements.
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